"You're Like Really Pretty" Pocket Mirror

Smarty Pants Paper Co.

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 Keep this sweet reminder in your purse or pocket for whenever you need to reapply lipstick or check your teeth.  Having a bad hair day?  Just read the message and remember, you're like really pretty so don't even sweat it.


Smarty Pants Paper Co.


3" diameter


card stock backing


protective mylar


glass mirror on back


in the USA

Smarty Pants Paper Co is all about bright colors, bold graphics and vintage style. Kate Thurman screen printed her first note card (on a Gocco) at the age of nine, and has had a passion for art and printmaking ever since. She started designing stationery in 2005, and what began as a handful of cards that were hand printed in the corner of a spare bedroom has grown into a company with a variety of functional and giftable items such as gift wrap, washi tape, and art prints.  

The Smarty Pants studio is located in Knoxville, TN, where Kate still prints the majority of her products using her Kelsey Model X letterpress, and her Risograph machine.